We offer three tiers of whitening services meant to target your specific whitening needs. 

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Tier One (In-Office) Whitening $385

Relax and listen to music while we apply two or three rounds of our prescription strength whitening gel. This is intended to give your whitening process the boost it needs while you finish with your take home trays.

Custom Whitening Trays

Tier Two (Custom Trays) $275

Custom trays are fabricated from a mold of your teeth. We give you the gel to place in your trays right before bed or while lounging around the house. 

Opalescence Go Trays

Tier Three (Opalescence Strips) $85.00

Our opalescence 15% strips can not be found in stores. They are fast and effective at removing stain while you're on the go.  You receive twenty (20) trays to use at your own discretion.