Veneers are thin pieces of ceramic or porcelain that is bonded to the front side of teeth. Veneers alter the shape and shade of your teeth, tailored to your liking. Dr. Trembley's system allows you to preview your final appearance before the veneer process begins.  


Much like an architect's blueprints, high resolution photographs are captured in our photography studio. Using these photos, Dr. Trembley explains his thought process and how he will develop your case on screen. This allows you to see yourself from a third person perspective.


After photos, impressions of your teeth are captured. These impressions are altered using wax to give you a three dimensional preview of what your new teeth. You can hold these in your hand and compare the new look against your old impressions.


If you decide to proceed with the treatment, your teeth will be prepared and you will leave in temporaries that are built from your wax model.  This allows you to wear your temporary veneers for two weeks before your finals are placed.  This is a crucial step so that you can offer up suggestions for the shape or shade. 


Your temporaries will be removed, teeth prepared and your final veneers will be meticulously bonded to your teeth. By the end of your appointment, you will leave prepared to eat, speak and function with your new smile. 


Take a few moments to view cosmetic and restorative cases of fellow Nashvillians. Photography and dentistry by Dr. Jeff Trembley