Do You Take Dental Insurance?

We accept all insurance plans and file on your behalf.  The insurance companies then reimburse Smile On Nashville.  Before we initiate treatment, we estimate your share of the fee.  If your insurance company reimburses at 100%, we will return your share.  For any given procedure, insurance reimbursements are anywhere from 60-100% of our standard fee.  

What if I don't have dental insurance?

Our standard fees fall in the 55th percentile of dental offices in the area.  The majority of Americans do not have dental insurance.  Rather than reducing our standard fees for non-insurance patients, our standard fees are 20-30% less all the time for all patients.  

Why are the fees lower at Smile On Nashville?

Dr. Trembley believes in competitive pricing for all, and as long as our patient population grows with our reputation, we will be able to service all who seek treatment.